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Applying for the visitor accommodation grant scheme

Welcome to the starting page for the Visitor Accommodation Support Scheme on-line applications process.

This scheme provides payroll co-funding support, or a room based grant to those visitor accommodation businesses affected by Covid-19 restrictions. Before proceeding with this claim, please ensure that you have read the on-line guidance to this scheme, which can be accessed from this link . This guidance explains in more detail who is eligible, and how the support is paid. To complete this claim, you will be asked to upload a completed template showing your profit forecast for the 12 months to 31st March 2021 (for claims under phase 1 of this scheme) or 31st March 2022 (for claims under phase 2 of this scheme). You can download a copy of the corresponding template from a link on the on-line guidance page, in the section headed "What is the claims process?".

Click here to launch the application page, starting with the pre-qualification questions.